Family firm Josef Savcuk – KOVO was established at the year 1992 and it works in the area of production of metal products with the specialization on the transport pallets, garden furniture, bicycle stands, baskets and crates.

The production is divided into two plants - one in Benesov nad Ploucnici, where we have also the administrative part, and in Frantiskov nad Ploucnici. The Company has about 40 employees nowadays and very low level of staff turnover.

We are constantly interested in the business environment and we are trying to improve our production process as well as the quality of our products. The companies like for example Air Products, Siad Czech, Škoda Auto or Volkswagen are our important customers. (you can find the list of our main customers in the reference reference).
The Company is also interested in the development of sport and cultural activities and actions. We support them by our sponsor´s contributions.

The Company has the certified management system according to the standard ISO 9001:2001 form the year 2007. This system helped us to achieve a better competitiveness at the local as well as foreign markets (for example Germany, where we sell our products from the year 1992 already).

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