Our possibilities

Development design:

If our customer has got the drawings or product sample, we are ready to cooperate on the product development and subsequent preparation of the product drawings.

Material classification:

table shears up to the thickness 6 mm
section hydraulic shears:
  • flat bar with the dimension 200x15 mm (300x12 mm)
  • angle bar up to the dimension 80x80x8 mm
  • circle rod up to the diameter 30 mm
  • square rod up to the diameter 30x30 mm
  • channel up to the dimension 80x45 mm
  • T-section up to the dimension 40x7 mm
band sawing machine
circular saws
plasma cutting machine for the cutting of metallic and non-metallic conductible materials from 0.5 to 20 mm
oxyacetylene burners

Material shaping:

plate bending machines up to the thickness 5 mm
pipe-bending machines up to the diameter 38 mm
hydraulic press brake 80 t, width 2500 mm
eccentric presses 15 pcs (15 - 80 t), 2 pcs (do 100 t)
sheet roll bending machine up to the thickness 1.5 mm, width 1000 mm

material working:

lathes up to the diameter 50 mm
tool milling machines
drilling machines up to the diameter 70 mm
tool and cutter grinding machine

Material welding

20 pcs of MIG/MAG welding machines
welding invertor for MMA/TIG welding


We varnish our products by means of the high-pressure spray device usually by one-layer anti-corrosive alkydic coating materilas

We provide in cooperation with our subcontractors:
  • powder varnishing (2 companies firmy in the distance up to 15 km)
  • zink dipping (2 companies firmy in the distance up to 10 km, 2 companies - 65 km, 1 company - 250 km)
  • electrogalvanizing (2 companies firmy in the distance up to 15 km, 1 company in the distance up to 65 km)

Material handling:

forklifts up to 3 t


We have 3 t transport available
We offer road haulage in cooperation with our subcontractors


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