History of KOVO-SAVCUK Company

The Company has been established on the base of Affiliated Production of Kovo Benesov Company that existed from the year 1974 as a part of JZD Velka Bukovina. This production with five employees was oriented on the atypical locksmith´s products for the material and final product transport. The Company produced for Skoda Ml. Boleslav, SCE Decin and Vodohospodarske stavby Most from the year 1974.

JZD Velka Bukovina offered to the existing head of the Affiliated Production plant of Kovo Benesov n.Pl. Mr.Josef Savcuk the possibility of lease at the year 1992. He took the advantage of this offer and made business in the leased plant with 13 employees for two years.

Josef Savcuk - KOVO Company bought the production space at the year 1994. The production has been expanded and the amount of the employees has been increased. The new production hall was constructed at the year 2000 and the amount of the customers has been increased by the Czech as well as German companies.

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